The Charity-Amy Jasmine Bannister

The Charity

The most common question to date is 
"Why Cancer Research UK"

I hope to answer that with the info below 


In 2006 I lost my Grandad to the disease, he died peacefully aged 86 but was a lovely man that I miss dearly. He fought for his country in the 2nd World War and was a true gentleman, Grandad and friend to me.   

I miss you loads Grandad, Amy J xx


My other Grandad has been unlucky enough to have more than one type of Cancer in recent years but is winning the fight and is beating all of the odds to continue his life with his family around him

I love you loads Grandad, Amy J xx

I have also known many other people around me both family and friends that have been affected by the disease. Some of them haven't made it but many of them have survived to go on and live normal lives.

With this CD I hope to do my bit to fund finding a cure for this disease in the future

Amy J xx

Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research.

The Charity's groundbreaking work into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer has saved millions of lives. Survival rates have doubled in the last thirty years and their work has been at the heart of that progress. But one in three of us will still get cancer at some point and Cancer Research UK's vital work, funded entirely by the public, will help ensure that millions more people will survive.


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