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Here are just some of the people that have supported us so far with this charity CD project

Thanks to Sean, Becky & the team at Peak FM for their help in promoting the CD single and Cancer Research UK - they are ace, listen in if you can

Thanks to Nick for helping with the production of the pre-release demos and supplying them at a discounted rate

Thanks to Luca, Silvia and the team in Italy for producing the CD brochure inserts free of charge

Many thanks to Michelle and Robert for the amazing job they made of the promotional graphics and supplying them free of charge

Thanks to Jake Cintra for his support in glass mastering the production CD's at a discounted rate

Many thanks to Dave Hewton for kindly supplying the first 1000 CD jewel cases free of charge

Special thanks to Andy, Bob, Muddy, Joe and the rest of the WA network for their continued support of Amy J

Special thanks to Martin Darvill, Mart, Ray, Danny, Dave and the rest of the MTWA network for their continued support of Amy J

Special thanks to Chantel, Alex, Martin, Alan & Janet - you mean a lot to me, 
(I hope to be your support act one day!)

Thanks to Steve Lally who is continuing to show amazing dedication to his website and promoting live music in the North of the country

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