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Thinking time

Me away from home with my Crafter electric acoustic


This is me late 2008 with my first 3/4 electric guitar


This is my own attempt at pop art, I used picture it to create the effect


This is my Uncle Michael and Warrior at Brim Tavern before I was born


This is Warrior - Steve Allsopp, Dave Hewitt, Mick Bannister, Barry Bingham, Kev Barsby


This is me - front page news


This is me playing a Brian May red special


This is me being advertised in the USA.....not really !


This is me in one of my moody moments

B&W Montage

This is a few random shots stitched together and drained of colour


This is me with my daisy Rock, I love this guitar !

Shades of a flying V

love the sunglasses !

American sign

This is a cool image promoting me in the grand old US of A


hope I don't wake up those trolls with my strumming


this is my signed shirts and miniature guitars from my first Wishbone Ash gigs


This is another idea my Dad had for a cd cover

Me at the Shoulder

This is a pic of me playing the blue Washburn again at the Shoulder of Mutton


A moody shot of me with my black squire


another one of me with my v x 3


heres a pic of me in action at my first pub gig

The Banno's awards

Me dressed as Brian May for the first performance of the evening


my 2nd performance of the night minus the wig !


This is me and my Uncle Michael jammin to WA


This is me mid flow trying to sing and play - thats hard !

Live forever 2

Me sticking to the guitar for now !

on the road

Amys tour lorry - ready for the USA :-)

Drum lesson

Oh no, could this be the 2nd instrument of choice ?

Eire school of rock !

Amy teaches her first students a few riffs :-)

Amy J & The Big Guns

The boys are used to Rory Gallagher not Oasis :-)

Amy on Abbey Road

John, Paul, Ringo, George & then best of all Amy J

Amy at WWRY

Chantel shirt

This is me in my Chantel McGregor shirt at Pudsey guitar show

Ernie Ball

I love this guitar - Ernie Ball Musicman - only 1300

run through

Amy practising the vocals prior to recording

Amy recording vocals

This is Amy's first recording experience - TDTS vocals

Amy gets into vocals

She is starting to perform now, sounds great Amy J !

and relax

Vocal recording over, glass of water to soothe the throat

Amy & WA

This is me on stage with WA at WIlbarston

Amy J & AP

This is me with Andy Powell on stage at Wilbarston Oct 31st 2009

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