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My gear

Here is my collection of guitars and amps, I think this will grow in time even though I am not sure if my Mum will allow me to have any more, my Dad says I could just get them and say that I have had them for ages just like she does with her clothes and shoes!


I love this glittery guitar


:-( This guitar is poorly and may never recover


My favourite, a flying V, signed by Andy Powell himself at the 02 in London


This was my first real guitar, a 3/4 acoustic I had for my 7th birthday


This is my first electric guitar, its a 3/4 squire and a bit like a fender stratocaster


This is a semi acoustic that I often use if I just want a quick strum to save plugging in my amp


My first practice amp, bought from Frets n Keys


this is my Vox valvetronic it has loads of settings to mimic other amps and sounds brill !


If I really want to try different amps and effects this is great


This is the control panel for my VOX valvetronic


This is my home stage practise amp, mic, stand and footpedal


This is my effects pedal that has a rhythm built in for jamming along to

Brian May Guitar

Honey Sunburst Brian May Special !


To Amy Brian May 2009

Zoom effects pedal

Now just how to use it

boom mic shield

boom mic stand and pop guard

Par 64

LED slimline par 64 RGB mixing


Recording software on laptop

Guitar collection

This is my guitar collection May 2010

Mixer Recording

This is my mixer that has USB out


This is my home stage - small but fun

Musicman (Swift)

This is the latest addition to the family born July 2010 complete with new strap from Cambridge Rock


Carparelli Arco F1 Purple Burst


Yamaha electronic drumkit

Bass Guitar

Ernie Ball Musicman style with neons

WATCH THIS SPACE tee hee hee

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