CD Withdrawal-Amy Jasmine Bannister

CD Withdrawal


Amy J  CD to be withdrawn from sale

Effective from December 19th 2009



It is with great and sad regret that due to circumstances beyond our control resulting in a breakdown of relationship between ourselves and Martin Aston we have to withdraw the sale of Amy’s CD “Throw Down The Sword” which has recently been launched in aid of Cancer Research UK. This will take effect from December 19th 2009 and is not a reflection on Amy or the charity but can only be deemed as “one of those things”. Mr Aston arranged and produced the CD along with playing a number of instruments and singing backing vocals, this, coupled with the fact that we are not prepared for either us or our daughter to be associated with him in any way in the future therefore leaves us no alternative but to remove it from sale.


We have discussed the current situation in depth as a family and even though the original idea was that it would be that all proceeds would be given to the charity (takings minus production costs), we now feel that through withdrawing so early, the fair thing to do is donate ALL takings rather than just proceeds. The CD production, manufacturing and set up costs for this first pressing will form part of our own personal donation to the cause.


We are still considering all future options for the project as we believe the theory of it is still very relevant and fitting for the charity. In fact, we have recently received an incredible and heartfelt potential offer for Amy to re-record the song again at a later date. However, further financial support towards production costs would be required in order to make it a success for the charity so we will need to consider the options very carefully.


Amy is, as expected, very upset as a result of the situation, but amongst the tears her first words were “we can’t stop yet as we haven’t made enough money for Cancer Research UK”. This demonstrates our whole agenda for the project which was to let a 9 year old girl use a hobby and talent that she thoroughly enjoys, playing music that comes from the heart to do some good for mankind, it’s as pure and innocent as it gets. We will do all we possibly can to retain that level of integrity and purity.


We would all like to take this opportunity to thank everyone concerned that has been so supportive and selfless with the project. It has been a tough learning curve for us but with the help of some extremely supportive individuals we still hope to reach our goal of raising some good money for a very worthwhile cause whilst our daughter uses her talent to good effect.


An example of this level of support, is that Martin Turner, the founder member of Wishbone Ash who penned the touching lyrics back in 1972 that make it so fitting for the charity, has offered his very kind and unconditional support by preparing a bundle of memorabilia, the full details of which will be announced soon. The content of this incredible deal is still being prepared but we can assure you that it will be a “dream” auction for any true Wishbone Ash fan as it will contain things that are simply just not available on the open market. Once finalised, it will be auctioned off on, all of the proceeds from this will then be added to the amount raised by Amy and presented to Cancer Research UK on the evening of the chosen concert by Amy and Martin Turner.


If in the meantime, anyone wishes to purchase the CD before the withdrawal date then please visit Amy’s website www.amy-j.comfor further details of local outlets or to order online.


Thanks to all for your patience and support so far, we hope to update you with further information as soon as possible.


Brian & Sue Bannister – 6th December 2009

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