Big Cheque-Amy Jasmine Bannister

Big Cheque

May 13th 2010 is the night 
The "Y" theatre in Leicester is the venue
Amy J and Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash presentation to Cancer Research UK is the event

.........and a colourful night it was too, hope you enjoy reading about it as much as we enjoyed being a part of it.

We arrived at the venue not long after the band had arrived, around 4.30pm. Things were still a little chaotic when we walked into this stunning  medium sized venue that is basically an old theatre and connected in some way to the Y.M.C.A.

We were met and welcomed by Maria Lundy of QEDG who we have met previously and is wonderful, she had a tough job that day in organising the merchandising desk, making sure we were happy, running around and ensuring all was in order for the band, and making sure Mike and Rob the aution winners were also happy and being looked after. In typical female multi-tasking style she did all of that admirably as well as co-ordinating timing for what was to be a busy night as the film crew were there too to record the show for a forthcoming 40th anniversary DVD that will be released later in the year.

The band all took time to come over and make a fuss of us, obviously with most of the attention being on Amy J, as this was the night she had dreamt of for the last 12 months. She had been desperate to hand over a bif cheque to Cancer Research UK, by big I mean in the physical proportions and her dream certainly came true as the evening progressed.

So, we chatted to Mike and Rob, had the craic with the band and chatted to Ray about Amys Daisy Rock that she had brought with her to play with the band if there was chance at the soundcheck. 

After the usual set up issues of identifying and changing faulty leads and some monitor issues for Martin Turner it seemed that it was all coming together and boy......did it sound good. Then Mart shouted over the PA, "so, time for Throw Down The Sword, we need Amy for this one, is she here". Of course Amy was ready, guitar in hand and trotted through the darkness and climbed the steps onto the stage, took her position on the left next to Mart, with Danny to the right and Dave ready on drums at the back. Ray then became Amy's techie tuning her guitar and setting up the amp to suit. then it started, a little smoke, a few spotlights and they were off, Amy playing the intro, rhythm and lead with Danny supporting and Dave keeping "Amy J & the WIshbones" in time. Mart of course delivered the bass sound that only his guitar ever seems to make and sang the lyrics that he penned so wonderfully some 37 years ago.


Soundcheck over, all sounding incredible and looking pretty damn good to, Danny Wilson prodding Amy with his guitar to get he roff the stage as she enjoyed it so much and all is well, ready for an evening that was going to be better than we could have imagined.

A little more networking, chatting to Daniel, Howard, Gary Carter and various other people connected to the band and its management company, QEDG. Before we knew it, we were invited into the dressing room with the auction winners for pre-show snacks and to chat further with the band. What lovely, lovely people, all of them, fantastic and brilliant with Amy. Danny was hilarious, chasing Amy with toothpaste around his funny !

8pm was there in the bink of an eye, time to meet up with Carole from Cancer Research to make a few introductions to Martin and Maria before the big presentation which was in front of an already pretty large crowd, couple of hundred I would guess and the county newspaper, the Leicester Mercury. The presentation went really well with everyone thanked and Amy achieving her second ambition of the day, handing over a "Big Cheque"


Then shortly after the cheque was handed over, a quick interview of Amy and Carole by the Leicester Mercury and the show was about to start.......all I can say is wow, brilliant sound, excellent audience, wonderful venue and a really entertaining and fulfilling set of classic Wishbone Ash material with some fantatstic twin lead that coupled with the unmistakeable voice of Martin Turner made this one of the best gigs we have ever been to


We are eternally grateful to Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash, QEDG and all associated teams for making this evening so wonderful and memorable for all of us, can;t wait for the DVD of the evening to be released.

Brian Bannister
(a very proud Father)

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